​     Comprising of 2550 square feet, The  Beach Club Café casts an imposing architectural statement on its brave and bold signage that is eclectic but charming, exuding memories of Bali, soft and inviting which pays homage, to its predecessor, “ Beach Club Café “, The Original, Kuala Lumpur. Imposing as it may seem, it is inviting, although it is the mini version from the original in Kuala Lumpur. The approach into the Beach Club is gentle, broken down into Garden Terrace, Penang Boulevard, Champagne Bar and Soul Seduction Lounge in turn creating a stroll into the Club. It’s perimeter 12 feet high coconut trees and landscape softens the approach and lends a rich atmosphere externally and natural screening against the hum and bustle of the passing traffic.
Employing this form of planning provides platforms a kin to theater, whereby everyone can watch the “PLAY”. With its gentle entrance, guests can flow through the forecourt and make a choice of finding their comfort zone, be it at the Penang Boulevard or Island Bar or even the Soul Seduction Lounge. For additional comfort and shelter from the ever unpredictable weather, a 27 feet long by 11 feet retractable canopy is positioned at the Garden Terrace. ​

     At the back drop of the Garden Terrace is the Island Bar, rustically elegant, built with recycled carton box and the white fine sand bar and terracotta’s lampshades surrounding the four corners of the Bar which forms the primary terrace into the Club itself.
The journey into the Club has also been tenderly treated. 7.5 feet high timber sliding doors, with beach illustrations, glass paneling, the guests “FALLS” into the Club, not entering into the space, thus the entry is harmonious.

​     At the end of the Island Bar is another Champagne closet featuring a 750 ml to the Jeroboam size of 3000 ml Champagne for purchase. Adjacent to the Champagne closet, one will not miss the Bottle Custody Display with mirrored back paneling, cascading drinks display.It is important to note, that although this Beach Club Café is new, it does not lose site of it’s mentor, The Original Beach Club Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, in turn, guests feel as if it is Home From Home.